No Fail Crafting

Winter is the perfect time for crafting. I love crafting. I love creating. Unfortunately, I'm not always a patient person and I have trouble following directions. (Insert apology to my parents and former school teachers. Whoops.)

This tends to backfire on me when with the best intentions, I decide to take on a home craft project or new recipe. (See exhibit A here) After that disastrous, disappointing adventure, I decided to attempt a more basic project that had little to no fail zone.I just needed a little success in my life and this seemed pretty impossible to mess up.

Though slightly time consuming, it was one of those projects that was sort-of mindless but gave your hands something to do, which I find relaxing while still allowing for a sense of productivity. If that's the kind of project you're looking for, check out this brief little How-To to spice up your walls with some homemade crafty flair.

cozy night of crafting

How-To: Make Yarn Wrapped Letters

1. Plan.

First you have to decide the word or letters you want to spell and where you want to display it. I chose to do a simple 'X & O' and make them relatively large to add some color to a bare wall above our breakfast table. Since we're still currently renting, I didn't want to make them so big they would be hard to hang and leave unsightly holes in the walls for us to spackle in 2 months when we move. Also, it's easier to weave around large letters than tiny ones so keep that in mind when choosing your size.

Some other fun options for a kitchen would be:


And for a living room or bedroom, try:

LOVE, FAMILY, HOME, YOU + ME, your last name or initials.

2. Buy your supplies

The great part about this tutorial and craft is that there's infinite room for creativity and wiggle room in the supplies you choose.

All you need for this craft is:

thin wood letters medium thickness yarn scissors

My letters were 9'' tall and <.25'' data-preserve-html-node="true" in thickness. I also chose to do two different colors of yarn- one for each letter. I used almost the entirety of a 94 yard spool in a medium-thick, soft blend in each color. I found all my supplies at Michaels and used a coupon discount. The total cost of this project was easily <$10. data-preserve-html-node="true" Can't beat that.

3. Wrap your heart out.

The rest will take some trial and error but mostly just time. I estimate about 1.5 hours easily for each of these large letters.

Start by wrapping horizontally. You'll have to cut sections of yarn to segment your letters, like each separate line of my 'X' and the edges of my 'O.' It takes a little experimenting, but it doesn't have to be perfect or even pretty on this first round.

When you run out of a section of yarn or move to a different piece of your letter, tie it off with another section in the back, especially when you have to criss-cross to cover more difficult sections.

When you're done wrapping horizontally, wrap vertically to cover the edges and sides you may have missed and make a cleaner finish. Tie off all yarn on the back using other already wrapped sections and snip of the excess!

4. Attach ribbon and hang.

For mine, I put a dab of hot glue on the back of a section of ribbon and attached it to the back of each letter to hang from a nail. Wa-lah. Easy Peasy. I'll probably upgrade this display eventually but for now, it's a quick and cute display for apartment homeyness.

x and o yarn wrapped letters

Here are a few other examples of how fellow crafters have styled this look. (Just try not to get too sucked in to browsing their awesome blogs as well. Or do. We all have.) Decor & the Dog Broken Treasures Kojo Designs

Now get crafting!!