Entrepreneurship is an adventure. When you decide to reject a sure paycheck, steady benefits, even your college degree in favor of another more trepidatious path, it can not only bcome nerve-wracking, but intimidating, lonely, and sometimes make you want to be like 


Especially when you’ve chosen a creative field, its hard not to take the success or failure of aspects of your business personally because your product is personal—it comes from your heart. And sometimes people shy away from that vulnerability. But I’ve chosen to feed into it; instead of making it all about business, I want it to be about heart. 

That’s part of the reason I chose this path to begin with. I am by nature a passionate person and I believe that though my creative business, through photography, I can make a difference.

My why is bigger than taking pretty pictures.

It’s about fostering relationships, helping others celebrate love and family, and showing my faith through the experience I provide. I believe I’ve been given an opportunity to interject love, show excellence, and uniquely care for others. Whenever I start to doubt, to wonder if this is the path for me, to feel less than able or far from my goals, I recall this truth and look to some of my favorite quotes to remind me of the bigger picture.

If you need some mid-week inspiration—for creativity, business, or just living life with happiness and intent— consider making these words part of your mantra as well. 

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