There are so many wonderful things about having a girl -- one of which is the opportunity to play in pretty clothes to show off the talented work of our friends! She's only 5 months old and already, she's a pro in front of the camera ;-) 

Local creator of all things crafty and cute, Joelle Pugh, has started sewing these beautiful custom tutus and is selling them at her brand new Etsy shop, Joellery's. If you're in the market for a special gift or wow wardrobe piece for an upcoming photoshoot with a little lady, these are an amazing and affordable option! She is willing to work with you on custom fabric and color choices so just send her a note if you're looking for something particular. She also makes matching headbands, bibs, etc. if you're interested in purchasing a complimentary piece. They can be ordered in sizes from newborn-3T. 

In this little spring shoot from last weekend, Kira's sporting a lavender and lace tutu with matching headband. (There was a beautiful white flower accessory with the headband, but it was too big for her little head :-D) I can't get enough!!!!