Today, I just wanted to share a few of these personal pics today to brighten up your Monday. Feast your eyes upon the insane cuteness that is baby's first snow! 

The blizzard of 2016 hit us with about 2 feet of snow here in Charlottesville, dumping a winter wonderland on us nonstop from Friday morning through Saturday evening. Since our little peanut is only 3 months old and the actual "blizzard-ing" was pretty intense, we waited until Sunday--when it was sunny and 40 degrees -- to bundle her up and take her in the backyard for some play. In all fairness, it was Bourbon who really got to play-- Kira just smiled at  him and cuddled close to her daddy.

But she witnessed the beauty of her first blizzard first-hand, nonetheless. I can't even image how fun it's going to be next winter when she's walking and actually can play in it. I'll remain blissfully content with this gentle play for as long as possible until the mound of snow gear from a neighborhood sledding championship ends up on my doorstep and I'm making hot chocolate for 8 giggly girls.

Okay, you caught me. I'm looking forward to that, too.