It's a real shame that more families don't continue taking photos as their kids get older because they are so much fun!! This group had not had photos taken since the boys were babies so clearly, it was time for an update. Through my position as the new photographer for the Old Trail community in Crozet, I offer sessions to resident families being featured in their monthly magazine. The publication is excellent about promoting small businesses and neighborly support. Before their feature for Susan's new interior design business, she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get some new photos taken! 

Susan, like many women and mothers, was hesitant about being photographed and expressed concern that she wouldn't like herself in any of the images. I was so glad she was honest with me about that because I feel like 90% of women have this concern (me included!) but never say anything! Given that her last experience being professionally photographed was when her boys were infants, I was confident that she would be pleasantly surprised. It's so important for our kids to see their moms in photos and have those images of the whole family together as they get older.

After our beautiful summer evening strolling and laughing along the Monticello Trail, Susan expressed that she gasp even had fun. The boys probably thought I was nuts and needed to cut my caffeine a little, but hey, I'll do anything to make somebody loosen up and teenage boys are hard to crack! By the last pose, the clan was laughing in a dog pile on the grass. Mission accomplished. 

Fun fact: Susan was so happy with her photos she decided to get two different wall display galleries for her home - one as float wraps and another set to frame! Love when people really commit to showcasing what's important in their lives <3