A few weeks ago, I met up with Christine and her beautiful daughter Emma at Ivy Creek Nature Area in Charlottesville to capture some sweet mother-daughter moments. Emma also has a brother, who was home with dad, allowing the girls to have this special memory all to themselves.

Growing up with two siblings myself--brothers, no less-- I can recall very few instances that weren't strained shopping trips or random errands in which I had my mom all to myself. The times I can recall, well I can recall them, which means they were very special.  And that's not a slam on my mom (see previous post!) just that, when you're not the only game in town, it's rare to be a singled out player just for the heck of it. 

So needless to say, I thought it was an awesome move of Christine to make a point of spending this time with her daughter and allowing me to capture it! This session is raw and candid with a little bit of magic thrown in for drama -- Emma loved playing with these "bubbles" which were actually a bunch of white paper lanterns I scattered around the field. And even though she was very shy at first, we ended up being able to break through to her silly side with some help from a playful mom. I was just thankful for a non-windy day that allowed us to add that extra element to create a special look for their shoot. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together <3 

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