As a client of Firefly Photography, your experience doesn't end when you hop in the car after your shoot. That, in my eyes, makes me the boyfriend who took you on that really wonderful dinner date, kissed you at the door, then never called again. Um, what? Ew. I don't want to be that person.

There is another step to this process (the one that involves you getting beautiful photos, not the boyfriend) and it's called your post-viewing & ordering session. Either in your pre-consultation or at the shoot itself, we'll schedule a date about a week later to meet again and view your full, completed gallery in the comfort of your home. I bring samples of artwork for you to see and touch, a fancy little tool that allows us to see what the actual images from your gallery will look like in real scale on the walls of your home, and we place an order to fill all your needs, big and small, at right then and there. Done and done.

It's the most efficient, cost & time effective way to get your images to you to enjoy ASAP. Like within 2 weeks you'll have those beautiful images smiling back at you. No more pictures sitting on a disc for years while you "mean to get around to printing them." No siree. What's the point in that!? (Read more about my thoughts on printing you photos here)

One of my favorite products that I offer are the mounted prints. Mounting is a great alternative to framing or canvas options that is gaining popularity. Images are printed on lustre paper with protective UV coating and adhered to a 2mm stark black, warp-resistant backing. It's especially appealing to anyone who may be renting or who moves often because they don't require a single hole in the wall.

You can mount these pieces with Command strips or other forms of removable adhesive. Another way to display them is to display them on a shelf or mantle and simply lean them against the wall. Complete the look by staggering the mounted prints with other miscellaneous sized framed images and you've got a classy, sleek focus to your decor that is 1 sentimental 2 cost-effecitve (half the cost of canvases) 3 Martha Stewart magazine-worthy. For the win.