When you're home with a baby, you do a lot of walking around. A lot of bouncing. Swaying. More walking. In circles, circles, circles. You speak your actions out loud. You hush and coo and gurgle and giggle. You turn everything into a song. You're teaching that baby the sounds of the world. You're helping that baby to feel safe and comfortable with you. You're introducing new words and exploring the colors, smells, and textures all around. You're forming a bond. 

I cherish the walking moments. The rocking moments. The smiling moments. The soft moments. The story-time moments. Every moment. 

I had 2 Valentines this year. One, a strong and faithful man. The other, a small and bright-eyed baby girl. Both have hearts of love and smiles that light up my life. It's the same smile, actually. And it melts me, no matter who's giving it. I am a lucky lady. 

And just because I like to be real over here, this is our "behind the scenes" set-up. 

Yes Bourbon, you're my Valentine too. <3