It's a little strange for me to be writing a "beauty" post, since my style tends to be less intentional and more easy/go-with-the-flow. I like to look cute and stylish, but don't really care to invest a ton of time, energy, or money into creating it - so for those of you out there who have a similar relationship with style, you'll appreciate these no-nonsense, affordable items for your summer routine. These 3 products are just fun little finds I've discovered to throw into my day that keep me feeling fresh and feminine, even in the most humid of Virginia days. 


1. Tresemme Perfectly Undone See Salt Spray

I have the kind of hair that's not curly but not straight either, the kind that sort of just flops there if left untouched in a confusing middle state of wave and frizz. A half-blow-dry plus a quick spritz of this magic, and the mischief is managed.  Definitely a summer essential. 

2. Revlon Nail Polish in "Plum Seduction"

I wanted a spunky shade for summer without being obnoxious or becoming too reminiscent of a 5 year old- I tend to stick with neutrals and soft shades, but this one adds a little twist to the palette while still staying classy. It's true to the bottle and goes on super smooth (also a big + for someone who's talents lie outside the manicure biz.)

3. Sugarfree Mentos Gum

Yes, gum is included in my "beauty" post - that's how simple I keep it. But hey, fresh breath is essential, right? And sometimes a fruity piece of gum like this just gives that added little pop to your afternoon. I also love that this is sugar free, too -- so no guilt there about harming the choppers. It doesn't last super long, but that's okay by me because hashing on gum isn't the most attractive look- this one's more just because I think it's fun and fruity pick-me-up that's become a purse staple! 

Share your faves!

What are your new summer favorite finds? I'd love to hear and try them out myself! Have you tried any of my favorites? Let me know what you think!