I got the call from Oh Baby! as I was pulling into the pediatrician's office for Kira's very first checkup at only a few days old. And so commenced my "mom-on-the-go"/"work-from-home-mom" role.

An up-and-coming company recently based in Staunton,  VA, Oh Baby! creates resource booklets for area hospitals to gift their new moms in maternity classes and delivery wing. The books provide important information, contact info for relevant local businesses, and space for note-taking from the first trimester through baby's first year all in one place.


When I met with the representatives (just one week removed from delivering my own little miracle) I was thrilled with the opportunity to contribute to the guide for all the new moms delivering at UVA and Martha Jefferson in 2016. My images were chosen for the feature cover and throughout the guide, which is a huge honor and great way for parents to see the joy and love I aim to capture for all my families. I'm excited for these fantastic resources to get in the hands of Charlottesville's newest families!