Okay so it's no secret I'm a big fan of getting images on the printed page. As such an advocate of the need for beautiful, heirloom quality prints, I want to make sure that every client of Firefly Photography has the opportunity to touch and see and experience the amazing quality of their own images. These gorgeous linen photo books are just one of the beautifully made products I offer to clients during their gallery premieres. I meeeeean, how pretty are these babies?! They are the perfect size (5x7) to display on an end table or even to throw in your purse to take to a gathering and show off to friends and family.

Part of the Firefly experience includes a premiere of your fully edited gallery, during which I meet the clients in their home to reveal the final images from their session. We work together to make the process of choosing favorites and selecting artwork and prints a pain free, streamlined event, (I'll even bring wine - this is fun, I swear!). I use digital technology to help us design the perfect gallery wall for your specific space or help you choose the perfect images to use as a gift. (No more passing on the disc and peacing out for them to sit around on a file - nooooo way. You need to enjoy these memories on display!)

Quality, Yo

Each book features a tightly stitched binding with strong construction, closely pulled corners, and a sturdy spine to ensure it's not going to fall apart! They also include lay-flat binding so that every image is fully visible and unhindered, all wrapped in a beautiful linen cloth cover.

Like every print through Firefly, the books are printed through a professional lab on archival quality paper. Whoop de doo, so what does that mean?

The Science If a print is "archival" it means that it's printed on acid-free papers with protective finishes. Papers that aren't acid free usually turn yellow and become brittle with time and when stored in semi-damp or humid places. Standard papers, like the papers used to print photos at mainstream distributers like drugstores or Shutterfly, are made from ground wood which contains acid, bleach, and other chemicals. Those elements give it low pH levels and when they react with other elements in the atmosphere including water, they produce compounds that shorten the fibers in the paper and result in crumbling, dissolving, and discoloring. So have you ever seen old photos from your grandparent's or even your parent's childhood days that are discolored or have rigid edges? THAT'S WHY

All for you!

I am so excited to present these sweet little mementos to my future clients. They are available to order and customize during viewing/ordering sessions! If you're a past client and interested in one of these fine-lookin' gems, email me at leah@lofirefly.com for pricing!