Why Print?

In our current day, there are so many ways to get your photos into books. Some are better than others, but the truth is, it's a step that often gets brushed aside and forgotten. Those photos of special moments and milestones end up packed in files on a computer or just posted on social media and lost among the millions of other photos stored there. The digital system is great for sharing, but flawed in its ability to finish the reason we take pictures in the first place. Whether from your personal camera on a regular day or professional images, you want those pictures to live on and be seen in 10, 20, 50, 100 years from now. You want to relive the joy of the moments simply by picking up a book on the coffee table or off the shelf and flipping the pages. Anytime, anywhere, in an instant, those moments are at your fingertips. What a wonderful gift that is! Still, so many of our precious moments exist only in pixels and easily erased with the click of a button.

The Burden

I understand that life is fast. Moments are fleeting. Finding the time to gather, compile, and print photos often gets lost in the shuffle. For this reason, whether it's a Shutterfly book, a collection of slotted pages in binder, a scrapbook, or a fully personalized leather-bound album, I applaud anyone who has taken that last step and put those photos into the hands of future generations. It used to be the only option before digital. Photos ended up stacked in boxes and scattered around drawers. Even still, when I come across those random piles in my parents' home every once in a while, I smile seeing that family member 30 years younger or reminicsing about old birthday parties and roller-skating outside with the neighbor kids. Now that (mostly) everything is digital, snapshots to professional sessions, those piles have turned to bottomless folders on the computer. They are even less likely to be stumbled upon or shared unless crowded around a screen.

Whose job is it anyway?

Part of the cost in hiring a professional photographer, in my opinion, should include the time and stress of compiling, organizing, ordering, designing, and printing your photos to look and display their best. That's why now that I'm working in the photography industry, I also make it my business to take that burden from people and make long-lasting photos in print as simple as possible. The job should not stop after the flash goes off. You know, like when your photographer gives you a CD of the pictures, says thanks for the business, the rest is up to you? At that point, the process is only half done! The most important part comes in finalizing those images and getting them quickly into your hands to enjoy! My clients expect and recieve the whole package from start to finish.

Less stress for you = more smiles for you = more time for more happy moments in your life.

Your happiness = my happiness. We all win!

If you're making the investment for a professional photographer, make sure it is worth it from start to finish.

Old School

These are the 80's-90's versions of albums, including my baby book! My parents have a cabinet of started books that were never finished and then boxes and boxes of miscilaneous prints. I am so thankful for all of it, though, because even what little was put together is such an amazing way to learn and see the story of my childhood, remember things that got pushed back in my memory, and feel the love of family over the years. There is nothing better! Though I don't know how she did it with three of us goons running around non-stop, but I'm so glad that my mom has those pictures. Don't let a busy life keep you from capturing memories of your family! Let me help! :)