It's time to check in once more with Project 365 - yep, it's still rolling. It's three hundred and sixty five days, people. A whole year, in fact. That's a long time to stay committed to a daily task, at least in my world.

This project is a discipline that has reveal all kinds introspective observations, gaps, and intricacies of my character. For someone who is slightly perfectionist by nature, commitment can be intimidating - there's a great chance of failure after all and failure for a perfectionist in any extent can be crippling. But learning to accept set-backs as growth opportunities, becoming motivated by the challenge of something unknown or difficult- that's a mindset as well. One that is doesn't come naturally, but is far more constructive to a life of joy.

You may be asking,

"wait, isn't this just a project where you take a picture every day?"

Well my friend, you are right. It does sound that simple. A picture a day. 365 days. Whoop de doo.

But seriously, try it. You'll see what I mean. That kind of daily refection, daily gratitude... it works on your heart in humbling way.

Here are some of my favorites from January. And before you make fun of me for having so many pictures of my dog, give me a break. I'm a portrait photographer without people around to photograph on a majority of days. At least in non-awkward situations. So that leaves me with the pup. And he's freaking adorable, so don't judge.


Before and afters of a Pinterest project that actually worked! WHOO! Look for a tutorial coming soon on that because I mean, if I can do it, so can you! Aaaand for a brief history of my aptitude for Pinterest fails, you can check out this post.

That time you notice your three favorite beverages are all nicely grouped together in harmony on your counter...

This is what a weekday date night at homes looks like.

*Bourbon loves seeing his friends at Georgetown Veterinary Hospital who give him all sorts of treats and cuddles. And shots.

So excited about this Valentines promotion for a deserving woman in C'Ville. Have you submitted an entry yet? Click here to learn more and enter!

Snail mail is the best, and even better when it comes in the form of a sweet note from our nephew :-)

For the story behind this project and tips on starting your own, please check out the links to read more about Project 365 and getting started with an awesome experience. If you're already participating in your own project, shoot me a link of your work so I can follow and support you in the process! I love hearing from you so let's connect!