With the new year, I always have a tendency to over-evaluate, over-plan, over-dream, and over- [ok, you caught me] stress. 

  • This will be the most exciting year of my life...
  • This is the year everything will fall into place
  • Im really going to do [insert extreme adventure] this year... 

Goals are great. I'm the queen of goals. Goals are how ish gets done. But to a certain extent, sometimes embracing life as an obstacle-laden mess of surprises is the truest path to happiness. That's reason **#109739** why my counterpart, my Mr. let's-just-see-what-happens hubby, is the frustrating, necessary, humbling, and welcome jelly to my sticky, stressful peanut butter plans. 

In this New Year, let's agree to catch ourselves before we travel too far down that rabbit hole of anticipation to simply gather our thoughts and say-

This is the year I will listen.

This is the year I will let go.

This is the year I say "surprise me" and leave the big plans up to God. 

Whatever your goals may be, go on and check out the post below for an extra dose of inspiration in the start of another beautiful year: