Meet Madi

From the day I sat down with upcoming senior Madi and her mom at Mudhouse to plan her senior portrait session, I knew she was going to be a blast to photograph.  She had a sweet and playful spirit that I wanted to incorporate, while also showcasing her love for fashion, drama, and of course, her adorable puppy Harry. Madi is super involved with her school's drama program and a great student, aiming high and dreaming big which I obviously love. She also recently found out that her hard work and dedication has paid off as she's been accepted via early admission to her dream school, Kent State! Go Madi! 

The Shoot

Madi knew from the start that she wanted something edgy and urban for her session, so we decided to play up the funky colors and textures of the downtown mall as her backdrop. Unfortunately, our original shoot date brought nasty thunderstorms which forced us to reschedule, but she was so easy-going about the change of plans and our make-up date turned out to be PERFECT weather. I'm always so grateful for the flexibility of my clients who understand the ebb and flow of dealing with natural settings and trust me to make the weather call. The light at the end of her session was just to die for and we were able to have so much more fun flaunting around the mall on a clear and beautiful early fall evening. 

At our planning consult, I encouraged her to bring accessories and maybe some of her favorite items from home. She rocked a stylish hat and flower crown to mix up her look, as well as her favorite book and an old vintage suitcase she'd found at a local thrift store. Things like this bring a unique flair to a senior session which I love! It was so much fun watching her personality come out and just work it through the whole shoot like the superstar she is! 

I love these shots with Harry! He was not too excited about being photographed but we still managed to wrangle him into few :-) 

Funny story - we were getting ready to wrap our shoot but I noticed the light was just stunning across the road and didn't want to miss out! The last set of images takes place in a little patch of overgrown grass behind a row of restaurants. I even had to photoshop a few workers out of a few shots who sitting on the stoop behind Madi! Light is everything!! :-)   

Congrats, Madi on your awesome accomplishments and best wishes for an absolutely unforgettable senior year! You are beautiful inside and out!!