I definitely got a girly fix with this session + a little taste of toddler-hood on the side. This deserving mom won a raffle for a free session during Teacher Appreciation Week at Ruckersville Elementary school, so I was thrilled to work with her and her darling girls to update their photos. After confiding that previous photoshoots had been less than successful, she admitted that they hadn't had photos done for years and were anxious to have some professional images that showed the girls' personality and love for one another. 

sisters photo session in the woods

Behind the Scenes

During our planning, I also learned that the girls loved to play outside and pick berries from around their home. They also loved dancing to Frozen and never left home without JD (the stuffed animal) and favorite purple blanket. I figured a rustic, natural scene would be best for these adventurous and outdoorsy girls, but wanted to incorporate some feminine, personal, and playful touches. We kept it simple with props and planned to set a little picnic in the grass for them to share.

Unfortunately, the youngest was pretty unhappy about leaving her mother's side in any way. Regardless, between finding butterflies to chase, playing the Frozen soundtrack from the cell phone, and sharing some yummy strawberries on a park bench, I was able to capture some super sweet moments of the girls together and individually. It was heartwarming to see how patient and gentle the oldest was with her younger sister, trying to get her to play and share the picnic blanket. This session was proof that it doesn't matter what happens behind the scenes, photographs always have the ability to show truth and beauty through any circumstance. :-)