The Start of Something New

When we purchased our first home this time last year, I had big dreams for my business to be able to thrive from that space. We searched and prayed for a place that would allow our family to grow, that was convenient in location, had a yard for our dog, and if it was meant to be, a space that I could turn into a home studio. When we walked in the door of this 1960's town home, something about it seemed to call our names-- it wasn't perfect, or even what we really had in mind-- but it had the feeling. You just can't say no to the feeling. 

I got butterflies in my stomach when I first saw this room-- on the entry level of the home, it has one giant window with incredible natural light, wall length built-ins, a traditional brick fireplace, and original hardwood floors. The previous owners used it as a playroom -- but my eyes got starry and my heart screamed "STUDIO!!!!" 

Since moving in, we've added a few touches to make the space homey and I've used it strictly as my office / the room where random things get dumped. But this year, now that Kira is born and we're settled into our living space on the upper two floors, I've set the gears in motion to make the dream of creating my home studio a reality. 

Built-ins Before

After - Stage 1

The Why: 

First, I should clarify. By "studio," I don't mean I'll be doing any shooting in this space. I am strictly an on-location shooter by choice and I intend to remain with that style. So really, I should call it my "meeting and reveal space" but let's not kid ourselves, studio just sounds cooler. 

My goal with Firefly is, put simply, to provide families with a warm and unique experience that showcases love. Photography is a passion-- to pull expressions and create laugher out of thin air, then freeze it with the frame of my focus and the click of a button-- it ignites my soul. But in the bigger picture, photography itself is actually just the vehicle by which I drive toward a bigger goal -- connecting with families on a personal level and showing them care and honor through every touchpoint of my experience.

I want people who come into contact with me and my business to feel like they are a part of something special. I want them to have a story behind their photos-- to treasure their images in their home but also to feel a love a warmth that goes with them. I want to provide an experience that is efficient for busy families and provides not only consistently beautiful photos, but confidence, attention to detail, enduring quality, and sensible value. 

It's a tall order. But I'm not the one ordering. I feel called to make this happen for my business but also for my family. I believe it will take my business to the next level, allowing me to spend less time traveling and planning for appointments and meetings on each end of the shoot, and more time actually being present with both my family and clients. 

the current view

The Plan

I believe that creating a consistent space in my home for clients to meet with me prior to their sessions will allow us to connect better before a shoot. It will allow me to host them and treat them. It will allow them to see and touch and feel all my products and get a real sense for what they might want for their homes.

And in the same sense, doing their reveals in this space will allow me to have control over the viewing experience; clients can look forward to being entertained and relaxed while viewing and choosing their images instead of stressed and pressured by time or other constraints from their own homes or a public location. I'll have access to materials, technology, and products that will help make their choices easy and efficient while providing them with focussed, personal attention and warm, cozy environment.

The design and decor of the space will reflect the look and feel of Firefly and its branding. I'm going for chic and professional, with rustic and homey touches. It will be child friendly -- obviously -- because a. when not in use as a studio, it will be my office/place where we will hang as a family and Kira can play safely and b. clients can bring their kiddos along for consultations knowing they will be safe and entertained. I've got some really fun ideas for a kids corner that will probably be my favorite part of the whole room ;-) 

Fresh paint, a bathroom overhaul, some additional lighting and furniture, featured artwork samples, and lots of Firefly touches are required to set the stage but you can bet I'll be sharing all the pieces of the puzzle as it slowly comes to life!


Hallway & Bathroom -- aka current deadzones. 

Nice 1990's keyboard, right? Like I said, where random things go to live. Kira likes to bang out a new song here and there so we leave it set up ;-) 

The Deadline

At the start of the year, I set a goal to be finished with the space and taking clients in it by summer. That's two months away. We've got a great head start with painting and some of the big furniture already, but a lot still to be done. So far, I've been working on the logistics (aka the boring parts) of finalizing my legalities for operating a home business and reworking my collections and product offerings.

But now I can start the fun part of putting it all together! It's a big step, and my stomach kindof churns a little with every purchase and every decision, but nothing good ever comes without a little risk. So I'm taking this leap of faith and hope you'll follow along with me as the #greathomestudiomakeover comes to life!