As a military family and self-proclaimed adventurers with a 7month old, I was naturally excited to work with the Turks because we already had so much in common! I met Kristen through a local hiking group that she has spearheaded, creating great community and opportunity for moms and kids in our area to engage outdoors together. Through our conversations before the shoot, I learned that they really just wanted their photos to be bright, clean and and love-filled to which I thought --

Perfect, cause that's my specialty! :-)

Since they're relatively new to the area after moving cross-country from Washington when she was pregnant with Taylor, Kristen expressed that she wanted a location with great views and color to really showcase this season of their lives on the east coast. When our first date/location fell through because both sickness and rain struck on session day (naturally), I was able to secure permission on our new date from the kind people at Early Mountain Vineyards to use their property. And let me tell you, I was so excited about that.

Side note and plug: Matt and I tote Early Mountain as our very favorite vineyard we've discovered so far and love not only their tasting room and wines, but their awesome events like Sips and Cinema. We always think it's one of the best date nights to sip wine, hit up the food truck, and watch old movies on a blanket with the valley as our backdrop. Ahhhh bliss. 

Anywho, you can't get much more "Virginia" than this spot -- with rolling hills, a rustic barn, and the summer sun peaking through, their session had the perfect stage to focus on capturing the really important part: their adorable little lady and the connection they share with her. While Taylor wasn't much of a smiler during our shoot -- quite unamused by her surroundings, in fact -- we still were able to capture her incredible cuteness, little leg rolls, signature frowns, beginner crawling, and all. Family dog Hoby even popped in a few frames to seal the deal on a gorgeous session. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from a classic shoot with this great family!