Allow me to make a bold statement: I have never seen a more gorgeous head of hair than the locks of 14 month old Eric. Not only is he dashingly handsome, he's got character to boot! :-) From the start, this little guy was a little explorer, climbing and running all over. Luckily, these parents understood my go-with-it style and embraced his adventure, playing along with tosses in the air and plenty of tickles. These sweet moments made for the perfect images that capture their true relationship and the clear, abundant love they have for their boy. 

I am so glad I got to work with this vibrant young family. Enjoy some of my favorites from their playful, spring shoot at Ivy Creek! 

Eric's mischievous side came out when as I was photographing his parents, we noticed he was stealing my camera gear! Maybe he'll be my new apprentice ;-) 

So in case you're wondering what/who he's looking at in these photos...he saw a little lady with her family across the field and suddenly turned shy and became totally enamored with her! He's going to be such a little heartbreaker some day!