Do you remember what it felt like to be in middle school? 

Pouring over your closet endlessly for the perfect first day of school outfit that said “stylish but not trying to hard, modest yet cool, friendly but not nerdy”? Realizing your first real crush but not knowing if you were good enough or pretty enough or athletic enough or cool enough to earn the reciprocal feelings? Planning the best birthday party ever in your head but feeling nervous if anyone would want to come? Anxiously awaiting the approval of a coach to say you were good enough to be on the team? The feeling of trying to find where to sit in the cafeteria? 

Any of that sound familiar? 

All of those are true stories from my middle school days, and I wiggle uncomfortably in my seat just thinking back to those memories and the time when absolutely everything was quicksand— the feeling of judgement and uncertainty constantly hanging overhead like a dark cloud, mixed with the allure and excitement of new friends and new activities and new freedoms. I had braces and acne and I was somehow always in the awkward stage of growing out my bangs. But the day I got to go get my picture taken at the studio—just me— and I could wear whatever I wanted and bring whatever I wanted— I remember that day and feeling like a million bucks. 

At this age, girls especially are starting to really come into their own, to find their passions. They are influenced by the messages around them, the styles and the trends. There comes a time where they either learn to stand out or to hide. I want to send a message that standing out is a good thing. The world needs to see who they truly are and what they have to offer. I want to show them it’s ok to speak, stand, and shine, to celebrate being themselves, even if they don't have it all figured out yet. I want them to be recognized and feel amazing, then have pictures to remind them of that feeling. 

The Bottom Line

We photograph babies and toddlers non-stop and seniors get the gold treatment- both are expected milestones deemed “worthy” of capturing. Yet somehow, the vulnerable ages in between seem to slip by with little emphasis despite the fact that tweens experience incredible growth and change during this stage of development. Parents often feel their child will feel awkward, or there’s just no need to hire a professional since they take all kinds of pictures on their phones. But I couldn’t disagree more. 

Today’s tweens are the most photographed to date, but will they actually have any images in print to show their children one day? Prints that make them feel beautiful and confident? Prints that aren’t on their phones, but hang on the walls of their home? Prints that their parents show off to friends and family that are actually up-to-date and not “oh look how cute she was 5 years ago.”

I feel so passionately about it that this month’s special is huge and targeted specifically for tweens. 

All tween sessions booked from now until Feb. 14 are FREE.

yep, FREE. It's that important. 

All it takes is the commitment of a collection or print bundle purchase (starting at just $89) and the rest is complimentary.

These sessions pull triple the value: 

  1. You show your tween he/she is valued by giving them the gift of expression and providing them with a healthy dose of confidence and fun through their experience and the prints that come from it
  2. You are able to capture a fleeting stage of your child’s life
  3. You save $200 doing it! 

They were your babies, but soon they’ll be gone.   

Don’t miss a chance to capture all the moments between.