Pros and Cons

As a natural light photographer, I am constantly at the mercy of life's unpredictable weather. This giant unknown factor plays a huge role in the outcome of a shoot. The fact that it's completely out of my control can be incredibly nerve-wracking. But I love the improvisation factor that comes with shooting this way, and even more than that, I love the challenge of creating beautiful images in sometimes less than "ideal" circumstances.

After all, life is not perfect and images are supposed to be a reflection of connection and our lives in the moment. So to me, it doesn't really make sense to stage these "picture-perfect" situations or pose families in pretty sets than have no real relevance or connection to their lives.

Photography is about the now. Whatever that now is on the day of a shoot... we can roll with it!

Behind the Scenes

Today I want you to meet the Waksmunski family. The day of our shoot, it was cloudy, chilly, and threatening rain. Not exactly the sunny, fall foliage dream of a fall photoshoot we all imagine, but they wanted to take the gamble and roll with the shoot anyways.

Instead of driving around to scope out a leafy woodland area, we bided our time and hit the beach near their home by Lake Monticello. Kari (mom) said that little Miss Alexis loves playing in the sand during the summer months and they visit there often, so I figured it was as fitting a location for a few quick shots of them at this stage in life. charlottesville winter family photography lake monticello photo session

She was a little timid at first but with a little help from my Minion friend, she warmed right up. Unfortunately, the cold weather didn't let her stay warm for long and we had to wrap. But it just goes to show that even in a mini-session, between raindrops and 40 degree temps, we were still able to capture some seriously adorable shots.

I am always so grateful to clients who are flexible and willing to take a chance. Many are surprised with what we can achieve with even the most un-favorable circumstances!

Procrastinators Unite

There's still time to book a session and have your images ready for those last minute Christmas or New Years greeting cards - we can shoot in the great outdoors or in the comfort of your home!

Ever thought about a session that captures your family night--playing board games, eating (throwing?) popcorn and sipping on some steamy hot chocolate that leaves silly mustaches on your lips?

How cool would it be to have great pictures of your family decorating the Christmas tree? What about a session of the family in flannel sitting around a campfire singing songs, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories?

Let's do it!

Contact me for more info or to plan your family or children's session for the holidays that doesn't include a creepy stranger in a red suit leaning over you. Sound good?

Great. Talk to you soon :-)

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