You believe photos should make you feel something. 

You're not afraid to let loose and be a little silly.

You like to preserve sentimental items like ticket stubs, printed photos, cards, etc. 

You love little details and live with big purpose. 


I believe in treating your family with respect, excellence, and showing love with the service I provide.

I believe every family should walk away from their session with beautiful, finished, printed products that bring joy.

I believe the best photos bring joy, reflection, confidence or all of the above. 

I believe life is too beautiful to stage fake connection.  

Are we on the same page? Great.

This is what Firefly is all about. 

Meet Leah

Meet your photographer: 

Meet Leah

Meet your photographer: 


Oh, hey! I'm Leah.

I'm a hopeless nostalgic who's obsessed with story-telling. I eat cereal, exercise, and make sarcastic comments every single day. I consider myself a professional s'more maker and drink my coffee black. I share my charming Charlottesville home with 1 handsome hero, a 2 year old explosion of giggles, and a canine tornado. 

Yes, I'm your photographer, but I'm also your champion.

I'm one of the first to meet your day-old baby, the one who captures that mischievous grin your toddler makes when she's trying to steal cookies from the pantry, and the one who freezes the look of love in your husband's eyes as he sees you two kids and 10 years after 'I do.'  

I put my soul into this work because I believe in a bigger picture - the one that tells an authentic story, that builds a heritage for future generations, and makes all ages feel beautiful from the inside out. Every time you walk by an image from your session on a wall or shelf, my goal is that it will make your heart smile and say "that's US."

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