Hi, friend! I'm Leah O'Connell.

Most days you can find me at some point or another either:


> playing with my adorable daughter, Kira  (she was born in October, 2015 and has been a giggly ball of joy literally since the day she learned to laugh)

> walking my energetic furball named Bourbon (he's a 3 year old Australian Shepherd named after the bar my husband and I met at in college )

> trying out yummy new recipes (not always successfully, and usually of the muffin or cookie variety) 

> cuddling with my hubby and either a glass of wine or a bowl of cereal while catching up on our current Netflix obsession (hubby = Matt aka simultaneously the spark behind my fire and the calm behind my storm aka a pretty incredible guy.)

> or working at my desk with a cold cup of coffee next to me. (cause I've already warmed it up 5 times but keep forgetting to actually drink it -- there's too much else to do, right!?)



I am photographer, storyteller, and creative with big dreams and a constant hunger for growth and service. Aside from my work, you can also find me serving at my church where I lead worship as a vocalist, joining in playdates with our friends, or at the gym/yoga studio. Our little family loves to go hiking and just generally find anything active to do outdoors.

While in this season of life, I'm most often sporting leggings and a pony-tail, picking play-doh off my shirt, making and cleaning up snacks, and changing diapers, I've discovered the amazing joy in savoring the little things along with the art of switching my hats between wife, mom, friend, and boss. And trust me, that's definitely an art.

With my work hat on, I aim to serve young families, motivate women, and educate small business owners by helping them live healthy work/home lives, preserve memories, and see beauty in life in every season. 

Other fun facts? 


I'm mildly obsessed with cereal - meaning I eat it in some form or fashion at least once every day, at any given time of day.

You can also guarantee that I will buy or make anything with the word "s'mores" in it. 


developing my skills in hand-lettering

My Celebrity Spirit Animal is 

Joanna Gaines, hands down. 


Yoga yoga every day. I go through phases and trends, but it will always be yoga.