Old Trail Community Special

Baking and decorating your famous sugar cookies. Bows and ribbons flying as you wrap gifts neighbors and teachers assembly line style. Your dad playing trains on floor with your son by the fire place. Stringing tinsel and taking turns hanging ornaments on the tree...

Something about these holiday traditions speaks to our hearts and draws us together in a way few things can. They are unique to each family, and integral to the emotion that makes this season so special. 

Invest in yourselves and future generations this year with the gift of capturing your family's heritage. Put down the phone, get in the frame, and enjoy your memories-in-the-making.

Then, relive the beauty of those heart-pounding, life-giving moments all year round.


  • 30 minute session in your home to document a special holiday tradition for your family
  • 20-30 final images in web gallery, sized for small printing 4x6 and smaller - $150  
    • optional upgrade to include 6X8 softcover book - $250
    • optional upgrade to softcover book and full high resolution digitals  $350

Nothing is "too boring" or "too simple," and your kids are never too old to show them you love the time you spend together and the cherish the traditions you hold dear- if it's part of their childhood and dear to your heart, it's worth capturing. 


  • Saturday December 2nd
  • 8-5pm // 12 slots available 


  • This is a special session offering only for Old Trail Residents! Families and couples of all ages have a story to tell, a heritage to share, a tradition or activity that is dear to the heart. This is for you!