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Session Options



Session Options

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Firefly Photography focusses on children and families in every stage of their adventure together.

But before you go any further, you should know that you won't find "here's the CD, good luck and bye" as part of this experience.

If that's what you're looking for then I'm simply not your girl! I believe every family should walk away from their session with beautiful, finished, printed products. To me, digital image files are a raw material, not finished. 

Your images, your lives, they hold value and deserve to be treated as such.

I proudly offer beautiful, archival products that will be some of your most treasured possessions.  I will personally assist you in choosing images and designs to compliment your budget and home.

Check out the product page to see all the gorgeous options for displaying your memories, and contact me for the full guide with product pricing. 



Lifestyle Sessions



"Photoshoots" mean posing, fluffing hair, sitting up straight, and saying cheese... right? Yeah, not this kind. 


We'll focus on how you really are, what makes you actually smile, so you can hold onto those feelings no matter what. Through prompts and gentle direction, I promise images that are both flattering and authentic. You'll catch me giving up coffee before you see me bring a stool or little blocks that spell names or any prop of the sort (aka never gonna happen). I've honed a "toolbox" of sorts over the years to pull out the you that usually gets buried when the cameras come out, so let go, have fun, and enjoy the moments you'll yearn for in 20 years. 


Mini Session

Short, sweet, and all-inclusive

best for: child milestones (non-newborn), immediate family, maternity

  • 20-30 minute session (choose from 3 preferred photographer locations) 
  • watermarked online image gallery of 20-25 images
  • 6 high resolution digital files of your favorite shots

*additional products available for purchase



Newborn Session

tailored specifically for the comfort and needs of families with newborns

siblings, parents, and visiting guests included

1-2 hour in home session

professional retouching of 50+ images

watermarked online gallery for sharing

reveal and ordering session

*products purchased separately



Gold Session

The classic, full Firefly experience 

 immediate and extended families, seniors, siblings, maternity, and child milestones

1 hour session on location of choice

professional retouching of 50+ images

watermarked online gallery for sharing and long distance ordering

reveal and ordering session  

*products purchased separately




Why "documentary?"

Have you ever found yourself in a moment, and you just close your eyes trying to soak it up? Have you ever thought to yourself, "if only someone were here to take a picture of this" as your now too-big-for-the-rocking-chair toddler snuggles into the crook of your arm before nap time? That's why. 

Not to mention, generations from now, your kids can at these images and they'll see that you weren't always perfect and wore pajamas sometimes. They'll see what your life looked like in their childhood-- the house, the belongings, the way you moved and smiled, how you made your coffee. The bowls you used for your ice cream could one day be passed down do your grandchildren, but they'll have pictures of you USING them. They'll see how their town has changed, the toys they loved, the way dad snuck up behind them for surprise bear-hugs...

It's real life -- and you don't get much more beautiful than that.




1-2 hours in home or location of choice documenting activity, outing, or tradition

(examples: getting ready in the morning for school, decorating Christmas tree, carving pumpkins, sprinkler sessions, making pancakes, family game night...the options are endless!)

pre-consultation and activity planning

6x9 softcover book of 50 favorite images included in session

online gallery with digitals sized for printing 8x10 and smaller





Fresh 48


pre-consultation and on-call access to photographer

30-45 minute hospital session within 48 hours of birth

6x9 softcover book of 50 images included in session 

watermarked online gallery for sharing



Their Story


My husband and I hadn't had professional photos done since our wedding, and sitting and posing for pictures seemed too cheesy for us. But this style  was more about our lives than just photographs. She came to our home one Saturday to shoot with my 18 month old son, my husband, our two dogs, and myself at seven months pregnant. When I saw the pictures, I started crying because she was just able to capture the whole essence and personality of our family, pulling out details of our lives that I didn't even realize were so important to me until I saw them in her pictures. I love that my children will be able to look back at our first home, our favorite rocking chair, our backyard swing, our old lazy dogs... memories that otherwise would probably fade with time. 

By taking the time to get to know my family and what is important to us before the session, she was mostly able to hide in the background while we went about our daily routine, while occasionally offering suggestions to help with the flow. My son was having an extra grumpy day the day we decided to take pictures, but with Leah being a parent herself, she was extremely patient and understanding... and creative! I was amazed at the pictures she was able to get despite an uncooperative child. And she even captured a few of the grumpy moments too, because that's a real, honest glimpse of our lives right now, and that's what this style is all about!" 

- Elizabeth

Baby Plans


In-Home Newborn session 

add on mini maternity session 

(**only available in this package - 30 minutes, online watermarked gallery of 20-25 images, option to combined ordering at newborn reveal)


Journey Plan

3 sessions from pregnancy - baby's first year

(choose any combination of gold, newborn, and fresh 48 sessions) 


1 custom 8x8 album 


Have something else in mind?

Please inquire about proposals, anniversaries, events, and headshot session options.