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Our Mission:

Cultivate a LOVE for PEOPLE and LIFE by capturing personality-driven photos through a fun, stress-free experience.



Leah - owner / photographer

I am a Charlottesville, VA family & newborn photographer for easy-going but busy, growing families who are looking for a personality-filled, natural, refined photography experience.

I'm your photographer, but I'm also your champion.

I'm one of the first to meet your day-old baby, the one who captures that mischievous grin your toddler makes when she's trying to steal cookies from the pantry, and the one who freezes the look of love in your husband's eyes as he truly sees you— two kids and 10 years after 'I do.'

I put my soul into this work because I believe that photos are our means for telling stories that matter - true ones. I aim to create photos that help you build a family legacy and communicate your values. Photos that celebrate the people you care about, exactly how they are in all their quirks. Photos that honor honesty and connection, bring joy into your home, and help you stay rooted in what matters most - each other.


Autumn / Studio Manager

  • Manages studio systems, communications, booking, and product delivery

  • Self proclaimed enneagram fanatic (type 9!)

  • loves Jesus, coffee, being on the water, friendship, traveling and food

  • Passionate about getting to know our families and serving you with attention, detail, and love.


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