Why Firefly

What do you think of when you hear the word, firefly?

  • I think of summer nights, running around the yard with my brothers.
  • I think of the magical touch of nature.
  • I think of playfulness.
  • I think of the country, tall grass, and simplicity.
  • I see twinkling lights and space to explore.
  • I hear quick footsteps and giggles.
  • I feel nostalgic, treasuring a part of growing up and a piece of home.

When I started thinking more clearly about what I really want my photography to say and do for people, I realized my true desire was to spread those same feelings I feel when I think back on those nights of catching fireflies without a care. I want my clients to get that sense of playfulness, feel the magic of a special moment, enjoy and explore the beauty of our surroundings, step away from busy life for short time and treasure the little things.

I want to provide people with moments worth capturing so that every day they walk into a room in their home, they can see the genuine faces of loved ones on their walls. They can pull a book off the shelf 20 years later and show a friend or grandchild what happiness looked like in a different season of life.

I hope that Firefly Photography is able to bring some joy to you and your family that will last and a warmth to your home like the perfect summer night.