Stylized Children's Easter Party at Cloverdale Barn

I think today is the perfect day to finally share with you this gorgeous stylized shoot that took place a few weeks ago. The theme was a rustic-chic Easter party and I not only wanted to style it for looks, but to highlight real childhood laughter and genuine fun as well. Instead of posing and static set-ups, I wanted to make it more like an actual party for the kids. I knew it would be a challenge to shoot, host, and play at the same time, but that's what would make it new and different. With the help of some wonderful vendors, we were able to put together a gorgeous display and fun details to enhance the party/shoot. We played games like pin the tail on the bunny, hunted for Easter eggs, and even got to feed a new baby calf as part of our little party. The best part, though, was clearly digging into the vast amounts of yummy sweets and washing it down with a glass of milk!

I'm so grateful for the amazing business ladies who were willing to work with me on putting this together and for contributing their time and services and to all our fabulous models as well! I love getting to work with new people and try new things and this shoot checked both boxes! Hope you enjoy this little taste of eye candy to kick off the month :-)

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