Apple Picking with Kira

In developing my photography style, I've found that my favorite images are the ones that make me feel something. And the images that make me feel something are typically not the ones where the subject is sitting calmly and smiling sweetly at the camera. They are the goofy faces in between moments, frames that freeze something real and genuine like autumn in the air or falling asleep on dad's chest or an honest-to-goodness belly laughing tickle fight. That's what I love. I want to capture more of the "real" in my own life as well as for others. 

Last weekend Chile's Peach Orchard in Crozet had their annual pancake breakfast and fall festival so we took Kira to check it out. It was about 80 degrees outside but we had fall in our hearts and on our minds and were so excited to share it with our girl. Enjoy a little real recap into our lives with this set full of apples, sunshine, doughnuts, and smiles.