10 Biggest Love Lessons I Learned From Childhood


10 Biggest Love Lessons I Learned from Childhood

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Today is Valentines Day, which --okay, it really doesn't really mean a whole lot. It is, however, a day in which our society chooses to celebrate love and I love love so I also enjoy an excuse to spread a little extra of it around. 

I was thinking back to all the Valentines Days of my past, who I was with, how they played out, and it made me realize just how much I've grown in my understanding of relationships throughout it all. 

Through all the drama, the secret crushes, the bad relationships, the break-ups of the past, and then the marriage lessons which are a whole new ballgame, there are a few lessons that seem to persist at every age and through every kind of relationship, romantic and otherwise. 

While we're prone to overcomplicate, over-explain, and over-analyze, at its' core, the heart of "true love" seems to rest on pretty simple principles when we break it down. 

Like truly break it down to the basics. Back to those days of first crushes, awkward cafeteria dances, and locker notes. Back to those hard earned lessons from siblings or friends or parents. It seams like ages ago, but sometimes, the lessons we learn as children can be the most powerful when we allow them to shape us as adults, too.

They don't need explaining. They're just truth. Plain and simple. 


1. If you stand in the corner, it's a lot harder to make it on the dance floor. And not nearly as much fun, either. 


2. Relationships require communication. In person.

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3. Jealously is counter-productive to a life of love. 

4. Never underestimate the power of a simple gesture.

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5. Sometimes the best decisions are right in front of you.

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6. You have a choice about who you let into your life and out of it.

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7. The people who truly love you, love all your quirks and "flaws," too. 

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8. Love is a verb. 

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9. Good things come when you stop trying so hard to find them by yourself and open up your view of what love is. 

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10. Love does not equal happiness. 

(This one didn't sink in for me for quite a while, and is probably the biggest misconception about love out there. But instead of expecting that falling in love will make us happy, when we treat one another with love despite our happiness, beyond our short term feelings, that creates the strength of true love that lasts.)

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Here's to love and lessons.

It's not a destination, it's a journey. 

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