A Furry Christmas : Meet Bourbon

When I make a change, it's usually drastic. I can readily admit I am not the best with decisions, but when I feel convicted about something, I've noticed it's usually sudden and relatively radical. Go big or go home. That's how it came to be that one week ago we got out first puppy.Meet the newest member of the Firefly team: Bourbon.

Bourbon is an 2 month old Australian Shepherd, named after the bar at which my husband and I met called 'Bourbon Street' in Harrisonburg, VA. We have wanted a puppy for years and talked about it even while we were still dating, but long distance relationship and then our living arrangements in Hawaii made that impossible thus far. We didn't know exactly what kind we wanted or when we would decide it was the best time to bring him home, but we knew a puppy was in our near future.

When we recently moved to begin the newest, military-less, stage of our lives together, the possibility became more real. As we held this pup for the first time and played with him, we knew something was different; we both basically fell in love with him immediately. Even though one could argue there is never a 'right' time to get a dog, (just as they say about having kids as well, ironically) we went with our instincts and went home that day with our new pup.

Needless to say, this drastic change probably explains why I've been a little quieter on social media and the blog lately. Owning a puppy is no walk in the park, if you pardon the pun. Luckily, this was no grand surprise. He's learning quickly as we train him to go to his crate, use the potty outside, not bite peoples' clothing or people themselves for that matter... you know, all those things that puppies do. He really is a great dog though all in all and we are so happy to have him, excited to watch him grow, and looking forward to bonding with him over the years.

I always wanted a puppy for Christmas but thought better of asking; finally at 24 years old my wish was finally able to come true. Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you are enjoying your holiday season just as joyfully!