A Letter to my 2 Year Old

To my Honey,

People always say they want time to slow down, to press pause... and there are surely things about this season I will miss, but I am also fascinated by watching you grow. With every new milestone I cheer you on in wonder at how much, and how quickly, you're learning.

Yes, you're growing up-- but you're growing up to be a caring, strong, and curious girl. The world needs more of that!

As we see your personality unfold, introduce you to new things, and try to foster your discovery and independence, we're able to fall even more in love with the person you are!

And just so you know, I pray for you every day. 


I pray you always seek to discover how things work, rather than just accepting them as they are.

I pray you'll always love making breakfast with your daddy and eating with him before he goes to work. 

We see your creativity budding - from room-stretching bridges to chairs for dolls made out of legos, to painting rocks and collecting the best, most colorful leaves to share. I pray you will always see the world with amazement and look for excitement in the ordinary. 

I pray you'll continue to explore what you're capable of feeling and know you're loved, even when your emotions aren't positive. Disappointment, fear, sadness, justice-- these feelings are hard to grasp, and sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn how to harness them well.

Right now, it shows up in pushing your plate across the table and crying because you can't see the syrup on it. But I pray that even when the world starts to show you those feelings in bigger ways, you'll never feel belittled at home. 


I pray you'll always see your body with this same pride-- loving your belly button and your browns eyes ('just like mommy'), the curls of your hair and the shape of your legs, smiling when you see your reflection in the mirror. May you learn to take care of the beautiful body you were given, that God created with perfect intention, that I grew and carried for 9 months and loved from first sight. You are sensational, little one-- I pray you always see it and know it. 

I pray you'll never stop waving and smiling at strangers - you can bring such joy with the simplest gesture. 

I pray you'll always want to "try again" - and keep trying, keep insisting "I'll do it myself" -- that independence will show up as drive when you're older and take you far. 

I also pray you'll know it's ok to ask for help when you need it - to do so is brave and there is just as much power in a team as in independence, if not more. 


I pray you'll keep smiling and throwing your arms around me in the morning when you wake. 

I pray you'll never tire of goodnight kisses. 

I pray you'll love others just as fiercely as you do now when they earn your trust and treat you well. 

I pray you continue to learn about God and give your heart to Him. 


We are so thankful every day for your spirit in our lives and know the next year of your little life will be full of big adventures, lessons, hugs, and even more joy. I hold onto our days fondly but I would never press pause - every new day is a new gift and a new piece of your beautiful story. 

With love, 

Always your mama