Featured: Newborn Story with Baby Rose

Happy Birthday : FRESH 48

On a beautiful fall afternoon with the sun streaming through the windows at Martha Jefferson Hospital, I walked into a room bustling with energy and excitement - take out and balloons, presents and laughter filling every corner. It's pretty obvious that Rose won't ever have to feel alone because there were 10 people at the ready in her hospital room on her very first day on earth.

That's pretty phenomenal.

I stayed for an hour of hugs, taking turns rocking, diaper changes, and exchanging stories, all to capture a little peek at what the world looked like the day her adventure began. 

At home with Rose: lifestyle newborn

1 week later, once mom and dad were able to bring their little girl home and begin to settle into all the new changes, I met them at their warm and secluded log cabin home to photograph a different side of their story. A quieter, gentle, look at the every day. Her sweet nursery, what is sure to be budding friendship with their dog Lucy, the way the whisper to her when she cries, what her first home looked like, where she'll learn to crawl and breathe the fresh air of the woods and play ball in the grass.

It's a simple story but unique to them, one that will tell so much of her childhood and beginnings. Enjoy a few highlights from this refreshing look at new life that is sure to make you smile <3