Featured: Backyard Balloons with Brianna

Chatting with this mom prior to Brianna's 1 year shoot was a great reminder of how valuable pre-planning consultations can be! Through our phone meeting to style this special shoot, we were able to plan a session that perfectly suited their style, Brianna's schedule, and incorporated meaningful details. Brianna wasn't able to have newborn photos taken because she became very sick at only a few weeks old. While they had a small 3 month shoot done once she was better, her parents were excited to celebrate her one year milestone with updated photos that showcased their sweet little girl and all the features that make her wonderful. 

After learning the family had a nice backyard with a fence that backed up to a golf course, and a young magnolia tree in their backyard, we decided their home would be the perfect location for the shoot. Whenever possible, this is a great solution for one-year photos because you eliminate travel time + you have close proximity to comforts like diapers, changes of clothes, and warm bottles if necessary without having to pack an emergency kit and tote it out to a field somewhere. There's also the convenience of a ready indoor location-- the nursery and other light-filled or meaningful areas of the home-- in case of poor weather. Luckily, the weekend of Brianna's shoot was a rare but welcome warm 60 degree day in February so we had full reign of the morning sun. 

I also learned through our phone conversation prior to the shoot that her birthday party was balloon themed! (I mean, how cute, right!?) With that in mind, we decided to incorporate that detail into her photos as well. We chatted about colors that would look good in their home and coordinated everything from Brianna's outfit to the colors of balloons to the adorable homemade banner that her mom crafted herself! Everything was so smooth and came together beautifully. I was thrilled to share these photos with Brianna's parents and see their reactions. In the end, we designed a clean, 3 piece float collection for their hallway of some of their favorites, along with prints to share with family and friends. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from this sweet 1 year, backyard photo shoot with Brianna (and her adorable curls!!)