Balloons + Wind = Bloopers

So in my previous post, you'll see the Landi's adorable pregnancy announcement session that took place at Blenheim Vineyards. (If you haven't checked that out yet, go ahead and do that... I'll wait.)

Back? Great. 

Now for what it was really like. 

We lucked out with a pretty amazing day for this shoot. Still, even the littlest dose of wind sent those giant balloons flying into a tangled mess. We prepped for that scenario as much as possible by having a friend tag along as our "ballon wrangler," (you rock Kalika!) so that we wouldn't have to constantly be worried about them intertwining between locations or poses.

But while theose babies were in the air, they were sort of at the mercy of mother nature. By keeping a positive attitude about it, we all actually found it quite hysterical, and since we started with a particular shot in mind as our main mission, we worked hard for that first. 




I was able to grab the main image they used for their reveal in our first set with the balloons, only about 5 minutes in. Once I knew we had that, the rest was icing on the cake! Here's what it looked like leading up that, though: 

the final product: 

Our next attempt was a complete fail. We weren't able to get a single shot with the balloons lined up in this set. We even tried a hold and run technique with our lovely assistant to no avail. 

Another real kicker? During our last set with the balloons, one accidentally came loose off of the holding jar it was tied to and flew off into the distance. See ya later 'y!'  Also note, it did eventually blow loose from the tree so that Blenheim didn't have that eyesore buy meanwhile... sorry environment. 

Luckily, our detail-oriented mama-to-be had thought to order a backup set, (just in case!) so after a quick interlude, we were back in business! While we still weren't able to get the letters exactly lined up for one, I still thought it was cute having some of them backwards :-) 

The winners: 

Bottom Line: 

Working with giant balloons is no cake walk, but it sure is fun and adorable :-)