Becoming Homeowners

The Move

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind consumed mostly by cardboard, tape, fast food, and trips to Lowes. But among those was also the huge satisfaction of moving into our first home, the overwhelming support from family and good friends, and the giddy excitement of promise that is opened with every broken down box. 

My parents were angels on move-out weekend- they painted three whole rooms including re-doing all the trim, moulding, and windows from 60's beige to nice, clean white. They even brought food to keep the take-out to a minimum and make sure we (including Baby O!) were properly nourished. Honestly, I don't even know how I could have managed all of this load without their help - but because of it, we had enough of a head start that even in keeping up life's regular pace, we were completely unpacked and enjoying all the comforts of our new home within 1 week out from our move. 

There's still details that need finished-- little projects that need fixed, updates we want to make, furniture that needs bought, and pictures that need hung (_obviously_), but every time I walk in the door of our home my heart overflows with love for this place and all it's little quirks. It's not perfect - but it's ours. And to me, that makes it pretty darn close. 


is that a cute little backyard or what?!

Living Room
Guest Room

Bourbon had to poke in to see what was going on, of course...


the perfect tiny room for a tiny human

*it's already painted blue... do you think it's an omen?!?

Master Bedroom

And there it is! A peak into our adorable 3 bedroom, 4 bath, brick home with a fenced backyard, 5 minutes from downtown Charlottesville. I think this a pretty good excuse to use #blessed.


BOOM - There's a whole other floor!

That's right, the entry level is not pictured becaaaaause (drum roll) 

it's the future home of the new & improved Firefly client meeting space + studio!!

I'm over-the-moon about the possibilities and can't wait to work on creating a beautiful, cozy space where I can meet with future clients and take my session reveal parties to the next level! It's all about better serving YOU and my creative juices are just ramped with excitement about how to achieve that while continuing to grow the Firefly experience here in Charlottesville.