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Featured Brand : The Movement Barn

Casey of The Movement Barn contacted me in search of a way to do just that as she launched her new boutique Gyrotinic fitness studio geared toward dancers and physical therapy for all ages. She knew that the unique equipment and beautiful setting of her studio would draw people in, but only if they could see and experience it for themselves. Through her questionnaire and discovery calls, we came up with a plan about what kinds of photos she needed and me at sunrise on a foggy fall morning to photograph her work in action!

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Women Making Waves: Laurel Denise

Laurel Smith started her business after literally dreaming about it, left her full-time government job in DC where she worked yards away from her future husband, and started taking action on the purpose she felt called to pursue. 13 years later, she's married to that man, loving on two precious daughters, running her business, Laurel Denise, from the upstairs of her beautiful Charlottesville home, and consistently serving up joy, hope, and love around the world. 

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FEATURED: Documentary Session At Camp With The Brennen Family

The ease and flow of this session was an absolute dream, thanks to two parents who were all about capturing the fun experiences and adventure they have as a family in this special location. Tricia and Jason recently left their city life to move to Charlottesville and purchase the land for this recreational summer camp, Camp Varsity, where they met attended as kids. With big plans for the future of its purpose and service, their own children are now a part of its story and will get to grow up as a part of its legacy. 

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