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Quality family photography is an investment, I get it. (It's one of the most important ones, in my opinion, but that's a different soapbox. Like this one or this one.) When that family is growing and you've got a lot of other things on your plate, it's hard to commit to a full session. I understand that! But let's not let that stop you from capturing what's important before it slips away. 

I want to make capturing life's little moments SUPER accessible and show you the power of investing in your heritage.

SO for the month of JULY ONLY, I'm introducing


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Partnering with The Magic Hour Foundation

Months after purchasing my first DSLR during a women's group one day at church, a friend shared the story about friends of theirs whose 8 year old daughter, Haley, was battling a very rare form of brain cancer called Medulloblastoma. They were in the midst of planning her birthday party, a big celebration at a beach park in Waikiki with family and friends coming in from all parts of the world -- she was so loved and they knew it was probably her last birthday. It dug up some new emotion in me, this desire to know them and their struggle, to help in some way. I wasn't a doctor, I didn't have money, I had no resources to offer... but I had my camera. I asked my friend to introduce us and I ended up photographing Haley's princess party, one of the most eye opening opportunities I've had to date. 

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Now Booking: Holiday Express Package Sessions

This fall has been jam packed with amazing family sessions and kuddos to all you planners out there who thought ahead about your holiday cards and booked those sessions early! Unfortunately, not all of us are so on top of things and you may be sitting there thinking:

Oh crap, the only recent pics I have of our family are on my phone or feature some embarrassingly bad morning hair.


I would LOVE to do a full session and get some beautiful artwork for our home, but right now, I just don't have the time or money to commit to it.


I REALLY hate having my picture taken but the last professional images we have were from my son's newborn shoot -- he's 10 now. 

Have no fear. I'm here for you, ye who crave simplicity.

I'm officially introducing my limited edition Holiday Express Package option - a mini experience of sorts tied up with a pretty, but simple, bow. 

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Mom & Me Session Special

If you are a mom and you're reading this post, I want you to stop and consider something: 

When was the last time you had a professional photo taken with your kids? 

Not a selfie. Not one snapped by your brother at the family dinner on Easter. Like a actual shoot where you actually did you hair and your kids don't have applesauce on their face and you look like you genuinely love each other, not like someone caught you stealing cookies from the cookie jar. 

Chances are it's been a while. 

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