Coffee + Custom Photography Part II: Valuing Quality

It’s time for part two of this series in which I’ll proceed in comparing the similarities between your cute corner coffee shop and the value of custom photography. Seem like a stretch? Follow along and let me explain. If you missed the first part, you can check that out here

In a nutshell, Part 1 discussed the idea that both that mocha frappachino and the 20x30 canvas print above your couch are luxury items- meaning they are not necessities and are not something you buy every day, but in some way, they enhance your life. Today, we’ll discuss why those dainty cups of Espresso are so hot right now (pun intended).

Part 2: Quality 

If you want a great house does that mean you only search for the largest mansions with the biggest yards? If you are in the market for an engagement ring, would you rather give a cubic zirconia rock the size of her hand (figuratively) or the diamond that is smaller but sparkles from a mile away? (I’m hoping you answer is the latter.) Case: more or bigger does not always mean better. 

Over at the coffee shop, some people are willing to pay the same amount for a sip of espresso as they are for a medium blended drink. Why? Quality. That espresso will give them an immediate caffeine boost + all the satisfaction and the benefits of a whole blended drink, but without all the extra additives. Only the good stuff. Simple, no fuss, and all the experience of great taste without the work. 

This is one of the principles behind custom photography as well. If you prefer one really remarkable, statement art piece of your kids to walk by and comment on every single day opposed to a slew of digital files sitting idly on your computer- custom photography is the answer. If you want the classy look of a well-organized gallery wall filled with the genuine personality of your family but have no idea how to get it/don’t have the time to worry about figuring it out- custom photography is the answer. If you prefer assurance of longevity despite moving, wear, and weathering on the quantity of the prints themselves- custom photography is the answer.

Now granted, it may not be the answer for everyone in every situation, (like espresso) but it is the perfect solution if you value quality over quantity for the special occasions that custom photography captures and you can afford to invest a little bit more for that level of service. You’ll get just the good stuff, nice and simple, no fuss, and a great experience without the stress.