Color Palette Suggestions for Styling your Fall Family Photoshoot

Tis the season for family photos, especially in our area where the leaves are changing and adding an even more stunning landscape to many beautiful locations. Temps are cooler than the blistering summers, yet not yet too frigid to loose feeling in your toes. There's also tons of fun activities to add interest and whimsy to a session, like apple picking at a local orchard or playing in fallen leaves in the backyard. 

The question remains though, as for all sessions -- what to wear?!

It's a common conundrum, but fall lends itself particularly well to certain color palettes that can really make an impact and help set the tone for your session. Wardrobe choices have the power to make a huge statement and either aid in creating beautiful, timeless images, or work against you by clashing with the location, skin tones, and more.

I've created a few color boards to provide some suggestions for fun ways to express style and ensure your session gives you all the right vibes. 

Option 1: 

If you like vibrant color, try pulling inspiration from the season itself but add a little retro twist! These muted, yet bold, warm tones like mustard yellow, rust orange, and even a contrasting pop of teal would be a beautiful combination for providing complimentary options within a larger family. 

Option 2: 


If you're a fan of neutrals, but have a little bit of a traditional or preppy taste, this Neutrals & Nauticals palette would be great for you! Pair timeless basics with hints of rich red and navy for a classic style that really works well in fall and winter seasons. 

Option 3:

This one is probably my personal favorite. If you enjoy soft, pretty tones with that hint of subtle color, this is perfect for you too! I can see this color palette applied to a forest session at the start of winter when the leaves are  almost bare and the air is crisp with that layer of fog overhead. Ahhh. Throw a textured blanket and some mugs of hot cocoa in that frame and you're working on making magic. 

With any color palette you choose, it's important to consider the colors of your home and personal style because these images will be hanging up as artwork and you want something that will compliment and make you smile, not clash and make you squint. For more color and wardrobe ideas, check out my Pinterest boards: What to Wear & Color Palettes.