Featured: Makayla's Colorful, Urban Tween Shoot

When I first met Makayla to plan her session, the thing that stood out to me the most was her vibrant personality! She's known for wearing big bows, her collection of bright sneakers, and her amazing jump skills in dance. IX Art Park in downtown was just screaming her name with it's over-the-top graffiti walls, unique sculptures, and edgy appeal. 

We managed to incorporate 4 outfits and use the space in tons of crazy ways, but the location was just a backdrop, secondary to her contagious smile which really stole the show. I loved how she was up to try anything and even though she probably thought I insane with my tactics to "unfreeze" her expression and my attempts to demonstrate every pose (which she obviously pulled off much better), we ended up with an awesome session full of variety and spunk. 

Check out just a few of the highlights below from Makayla's urban shoot in downtown Charlottesville!