Documentary Holiday Special (+ 20 Ideas to get you inspired!)


Holiday Documentary Session Ideas

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Anybody else ready to try something new for your family photos this year? Bonus, this is PERFECT for families with older kids, including teenagers!

Let's do something that shows some real personality, that captures a tradition, that features the magic of the holidays in the air instead of on a backdrop.

So here it is: 

 The Documentary Short Story Holiday Special 

1-1.5 hour documentary session capturing a holiday tradition or activity

online gallery with digital download of 60+ final images (printable up to 5x7)

20% off all artwork



And I hear you over there--

"Aww that sounds so fun, but we don't really have any traditions"

"I love this idea, but nothing we do is interesting enough for a photoshoot"

But let me just stop you right there and first, let's change your mindset. 

Whether it's because your family is small, young, or you just haven't found a special something that's turned into a "tradition" yet, that's ok! 

to get your gears turning, here's a list of 20 ideas that would make AWESOME activities for a holiday documentary session: 

  1. jumping on the bed in Christmas pj's
  2. baking a favorite holiday recipe
  3. decorating cookies
  4. building a gingerbread house
  5. writing letters to Santa
  6. board games by the fire
  7. decorating the tree
  8. putting up decorations / nativities / etc.
  9. putting up Christmas lights
  10. making hot cocoa and having marshmallow fights
  11. cookies and milk in bed with Christmas stories
  12. wrapping presents
  13. making s'mores on a campfire
  14. ice skating
  15. crafting/making/packaging for neighbors / teachers / friends
  16. extended family dinner party
  17. chopping firewood 
  18. hitting the tree farm for your perfect tree
  19. a trip to see Santa
  20. bundle up and go play outside (climb trees, go for a hike, have an outdoor picnic!)

If there's an activity you can't wait to do with your family, something that makes you smile and get excited, it's the perfect activity to capture!

If one of those ideas stood out to you and thinking of your family doing it made you heart skip a little... let's do it!

If your kid has never experienced (fill in the blank) before and you think it would be so fun to capture the memory, YEEEEES, that's the one!! 


SO... feeling inspired yet?!


Click below and send me a message with your ideal session idea and dates to get started! Space is limited!!