Saturday Morning with the McAdams Family


Saturday morning with the McAdams family

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Documentary sessions have quickly become the beat of my photographer's heart. There's something so incredibly powerful about seeing the truth in a season of life that just speaks to the power and purpose of what photography is all about -- documentary the people and things in life we want to hold onto most. 

In our initial planning for a documentary session, mom Lauren and I dove into the things they love to do as a family, including any traditions or activities that were common in their house during this stage of life. She described a typical weekend morning that includes cooking pancakes from scratch, doing art in the dining room, and playing outside in the yard. From the inside, these things probably seem typical or uninteresting, but looking back, they are a timestamp of simple spring days with little ones, filled with details that will fade but when captured, will melt the heart. 

The flour-splotched recipe. The kids sneaking blueberries then monkeying around on the chairs while dad does the flipping. How mom makes her coffee and looks so beautiful, even in a robe and slippers. How they all used to sit and play with stamps like they were the most exciting toy ever. How they used to need help getting dressed and it was a wrestling match of giggles and dancing. 

This is the stuff of life. The beautiful, messy, wonderful, real, simple, sweet moments that make family one-of-a-kind and remind us to slow down, hold on to what counts, and cherish the details all around us. 

Becomes sometimes, you just need to throw on that lego costume, right?! Oh kids.