Featured: Elegant Home Maternity Shoot

Behind the Scenes

Life has the funniest ways of bringing people together, doesn’t it? Bethany had been following along with Firefly through the Mason Jar newsletter after finding me through a blog post on military life. She and her enlisted hubby were stationed in the northeast but were relocated to Charlottesville this summer. When they found out she was expecting, it was fate that she already knew a photographer in the area! 

I felt like we had a kindred bond from our first coffee meeting to plan her shoot back in the fall, because along with our military spouse stories, I was also pregnant at the time and just ecstatic about capturing the joy of motherhood when it was so close to home. We planned out all the details perfectly and I even hunted down the most picturesque location I could muster for her dream fall maternity session.

And then our daughter came early. 

A New Plan

Sitting in the hospital bed on Thursday evening after Kira was born that morning, I cranked out an email from my phone to Bethany who’s shoot was scheduled for that Saturday. The general vibe was something like--

Oh my gosh I’m so sorry to cancel on such short notice but SURPRISE i kindof had my baby… 

She was incredibly sweet and understanding, despite the inconvenience and trouble she’d already gone through to prepare. Luckily, she wasn’t due for a few more months and she was willing to wait for me to gain my bearings to reschedule. I was so grateful for her incredible attitude and flexibility, qualities that will no doubt make her a stellar mom as well!

We re-designed the shoot to accommodate for our loss of pretty fall foliage, and decided instead to photograph she and her hubby in their new home — a beautiful sentiment for any maternity shoot, in my opinion. With a gorgeous, sunny day in December, we even managed to grab a few with her beloved golden retrievers who are adorably gentle and excited to meet their new family member soon! It was my first shoot "back to work" after baby and probably one of my favorites to date. 

Bethany and Paul are expecting their little bundle of joy (gender a surprise!) this February and I can’t wait to celebrate with them as they did for me.