Featured: Fun Family Session at BellAir Farm

Remember this sweet newborn session featured earlier this month? It was a baby shower gift from this super thoughtful friend, who I was lucky enough to work with as well! In our planning, Jenny (mom) knew they would be moving soon and wanted to capture their family in a place that they enjoyed together during their time in Charlottesville. BellAir Farm is a CSA on the outskirts of town that their sweet daughter Sadie has grown up visiting and holds fond memories of fresh air, family, and good food! What more could you want, right? 

This family is a tight little crew who loves to play and be silly, and keeping up with their bubbly and curious little Sadie would keep anyone on their toes! When Jenny described her as loving to dance, rarely sitting still, full of expressions, and quick to laugh, I knew we were in for a fun shoot and boy, she did not disappoint! 

We spent a gorgeous afternoon running and playing in the shade of the trees and making up lots of games to keep Sadie involved and entertained. 

There may or may not have been goldfish involved who may or may not have played hide-and-seek with my camera... hey, gotta get creative.

Picnic table climbing and the soundtrack from Moana may also have been spotted in the making of this session. The point is, it doesn't matter how you get there, as long as those smiles are authentic and the memories are sweet. 

Enjoy the highlights from this breezy family farm session and scroll to the bottom to see how they chose to display their favorites!