Featured: A Family Summer Park Date // Documentary Photography

The joy that 1 year old Lillian shows when she sees swings is seriously unmatched - I meeeean, that girl loves her some park time and in this summer season, it's a favorite activity with mom and dad. When planning something that was special for them to photograph, Kelsey told me that swinging together is what really lights her daughter up. She wanted to always remember that look of pure happiness and her carefree spirit in such small and simple pleasures. 

These daily activities, they seem so average sometimes, right? We snap a quick picture with our phone to send to grandma or a selfie when we're having fun and go about the day. But what about the big picture? When Lillian sees these pictures in the book on their side table 10 years from now, she'll be reminded that her mom and dad love each other and can be goofy sometimes. She'll see the park she visited so often in her childhood, a park that will likely change or maybe not even be there anymore. She'll learn that she was obsessed with Micky Mouse and had no fear of heights from a young age. She see her mom being herself, laughing with her hair in a ponytail, how she was right there on the playground with her and ready with a hug or another push on the swings. She'll see her dad's playful side, how he'd do anything to make her laugh.

It's the little things we fall in love with about our kiddos - the tight curl in her hair, the way she grips the swing like the best roller coaster ever, the ear-to-ear grin she gets from flying through the air on repeat. And as we grow up, it's the details of our childhood, of others, that we learn to love and let shape us, too.

I'm so grateful for every client who says 'yes' to being brave and real, to letting me in to capture their story. Enjoy a few favorites from this joyful summer park shoot <3