Featured: Lifestyle Newborn Shoot with Baby Arden and Family

When a newborn baby enters the picture, a family dynamic shifts drastically- especially when there are siblings involved! It's a huge adjustment for all, so when I met these parents at their home just four days after welcoming baby Arden and they were cool, calm, and collected like seasoned pros... needless to say I was impressed.

Big sister Peyton was all charm and sass, immediately showing off her dress with happy twirls and bursting with energy. It was a beautiful summer day so we decided to start with some outdoor shots in a shady spot with a white picket fence near their neighborhood clubhouse.

A little behind the scenes... doesn't get much more real than this! I'm sure they'll grow up to be besties :-) 

A little behind the scenes... doesn't get much more real than this! I'm sure they'll grow up to be besties :-) 

Feeding breaks and bathroom breaks meant lots of time for some special daddy/daughter moments, but afterwards, Peyton pretty much wanted nothing to do with laying next to her sister, holding her, or basically sharing the spotlight whatsoever.

Rather than getting upset or frustrated, these go-with-the-flow parents took it all in stride. In my opinion, it's just not worth arguing or forcing something that isn't natural at that time.

That's what's great about lifestyle photography-- if it's not happening in life, we're not faking it! We tell a story of life and hey, it's not always perfect! Sometimes just embracing the chaos or sour faces or wild energy or whatever it may be, helps harness true personality and emotion in exactly the kind of photos you'll smile about 20 years down the road. 

So while sibling shots may take a few months, baby Arden was a serious cuddle bug with her parents and loved being swaddled so we ran with that and captured some special moments in her adorable nursery.

Mom Lindsay is clearly a great decorator because each room in their home was styled so beautifully. Even the playroom was gorgeous with fun pops of color and bold detail that made a lovely setting for some more family shots, (given that Peyton was really into watching the bunnies aka Zootopia in there.) 

Thank you Hauser family for letting me peek into a window of your lives and capture your amazing love for these two girls and one another.