Featured: Meet Baby Frankie and Family

There is something so honoring about being welcomed into a client's home so soon after a tremendous milestone like the birth of a child. Joy and love and excitement all linger in the air as we take one simple hour to slow down and celebrate what life looks like now. I first met this mom during my 'mom and me' special sessions this past May. Newly pregnant with her second child, she wanted to take the opportunity to have some pictures taken with just her little girl, Nora, which was such a sweet sentiment. Fast forward several months later and I got to not only meet their newest addition, Frankie, at only a few days old, but got to see Nora transformed as a proud big sister.

Truthfully, she was more interested in playing with dad and grandparents than having much to do with Frankie, but cuddles with the whole family were still okay. Frankie was a dream the whole time, wide awake for the majority of our time (which I love!), and just soaking in the sights and sounds of his new home. The nursery was a beautiful, modern design with sweet animal details in muted primary colors and offset by clean, white accents and furniture. It was such a serene space, yet still soft and playful for this lucky little boy. 

It's always so beautiful to witness families grow and literally see their hearts make room for one more. Enjoy some of my favorite moments from this newborn/family session below.