Featured Brand : The Movement Barn

Brand story sessions are more than headshots - the goal is to capture images that can serve a business in attracting and educating potential customers while sharing more about who they are, what they do, and how they do it.

Casey of The Movement Barn contacted me in search of a way to do just that as she launched her new boutique Gyrotinic fitness studio geared toward dancers and physical therapy for all ages. She knew that the unique equipment and beautiful setting of her studio would draw people in, but only if they could see and experience it for themselves. Through her questionnaire and discovery calls, we came up with a plan about what kinds of photos she needed and me at sunrise on a foggy fall morning to photograph her work in action!

Her bright and friendly personality mixed with her professional knowledge and experience make her so fun to work with and an incredible trainer! She’s currently booking clients and using these photos throughout her website and marketing social channels to share about what Gyrotonic is, professional tips and stories about how it works, and ways in which she serves the individual needs of clients who are seeking to grow in a new way!

Check out The Movement Barn on Instagram to learn more about the studio website to book an appointment!