Featured: Playground, Cocoa, and Cards with The Kirkpatrick Family


Featured: Playground, cocoa, and cards 

a documentary maternity and family session

Their Story

This family is excitedly going through some major transitions in life right now, including building their dream home and preparing to welcome baby #3 into their lives! Brianne wanted maternity photos that spoke to their life in this season, their little town they love, and their weekends as a family of 4. Since they're living in a temporary apartment at the moment and their older two kiddos have a little energy to burn, they (like most families) like to get out of the house when they can! And even when it's cold, the neighborhood playground is always a win. 

The best part about documenting real life is that kids can be kids - and that's what we love about them, right?

And if you read this post, you know how I feel about authentic maternity photography (hint: I'm a BIG fan).

Because being pregnant is about so much more than wistful glances and belly touching, especially when you have older kids you're chasing, too! 


After some brisk playground play, we walked around the corner to their favorite local coffee shop, Mudhouse Crozet, (I mean, it's adorable, right?!) for some cocoa and snacks.

Brianne (mom) brought their stack of UNO cards because it's one of their favorite traditions to play while they wait for food at restaurants and just in general as a family.

But this session shows more than the activities.

  • It shows how a couple still shows love through the little gestures
  • It shows that mom and dad not only encouraged choice and expression, but were right there playing alongside their kids
  • It shows independence and style, connection right alongside independence 
  • It shows stolen glances and affection through a touch on the back or brushing away a hair
  • It shows how mom is still so active and engaged, even 7 months along into her pregnancy
  • It shows a town when these kids have grown up and call home 

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to keep capturing this family throughout the year and all the milestones ahead through their Journey Plan! 

Be sure to leave them some love in the comments and join me in cheering them on in their newest adventures!